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S.S.T.A. Savaii Samoa Tourism Association

As President of Savaii Samoa Tourism Association (SSTA) I warmly welcome you to Savaii.

SSTA was incorporated as a legal institution in May 2010.The Association is made up of Accommodation providers, Transportation providers ( rental car businesses, taxis, buses and tour operators) Activity providers ( diving companies, snorkelling, bike hire operators) internet cafes, bars and restaurants, handicraft and Sites operated by families and villages as a whole.

Our aim for incorporating this association is to improve the Tourism industry in Savaii. We hope to make the trip to Savaii a more informed one, we are aiming to improve transit between the islands, improve the facilities that we already have to offer and get accurate information to the lingering traveller in order to better plan and experience their holiday with us. Our new Information Centre at the Mulifanua wharf offers information for guests who wish to know more about Savaii; where to go; what to do; where to stay. We believe that Savaii holds the best of Samoa, and we hope that with this site, travellers will find coming and planing to come to Savaii, an easier task. We hope that with this information travellers will get to experience the beauty of Savaii, the hospitality of her people and come away with fond memories of our island.

Please contact our members or use our guestbook for any comments you may have about Savaii.

* Some of the small members of our association are sponsored by other members especially those who run environmental spots and sites of interest. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our members for next year, please contact us.
On one's own behalf: Over the past few years, many of our travelling guests have left behind pictures of the island which have been perfect for our site. It was not possible to contact and find all of the picture owners. If you see any picture from your stay in Savaii on our website that you do not agree to our using, please contact us and we will have this removed. To all the others we thank you for supporting our project and looking forward to welcoming you again in Savaii.  





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